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Narrative History

Accounts of various aspects of local history

are available as scans of original articles, clippings, etc.  Many of these documents are from earlier scanned images and clippings and are of poor quality.


 pdf images are also provided for many.

"Memories of Old Otter Tail" by W.F. Ball, editor of O. T. City Record. Fergus Falls Daily Journal, June 24, 1997 This is a three page legal size article here available only as pdf.

"Ottertail Village Started with Arrival of 

Soo Line".  Newspaper clipping, source and date unknown.

1929 dedication statement saluted settlers in Otter Tail County's second settlement"

An address by O. N. Nelson, President of Otter Tail County Historical Society, of site dedication ceremonies Jjune 30,1929

"Letter from Postmaster Details" Ottertail    Newspaper clipping, source and date unknown.

"Recalls City of Ottertail in Early 70's"

Newspaper clipping dated June 6, 1033,  source not given.

La Quere de la Outre

How the city got its name.

"Lone Building a Monument to Otterail's Ghost City" 

Newspaper clipping, date and source unknown.

"How Ottertail City Lost the County Seat". 

Fergus Falls Daily Journal 7/2/21 

"Kryger's Woes".  Source cited is "Journal, April 13, 1905".  Short description of  town site called "New Otter Tail". 

"Old Otter Tail City". Four + page history

by Garry Johnson"

"A Trip to Otter Tail City, 1871" Article from

Newspaper column "Observations", June 1958

Unsigned, undated, handwritten account of early Ottertail. 1860 census report of 240

Flourishing Ottertail Citiy

Described in 1860 'Harpers'

Ottertail City.  Article from Fergus Falls Daily Journal, 1889 

"Gives Talk On Vanished City" of Ottertail by

E. T. Barnard  Newpaper clipping no source or date.

"Some History is Recalled at Meeting":

Address given b y Judge Thompso n at Otter Tail City.

"Otter Tail City" by R. A. B.

Two page history. The author is identified by initials only.  Can someone provide a name?

The Children of Herman and Emma Brutlag Remember A 20 page series of reminiscences of the Brutlag family and Ottertail pdf only.

Third Chapter of Hotel Saga Unravels Two part article from Country Life.  See two .pdf images for entire story

Proposed names for Ottertail:  True City, Coburg, and also see Kryger's 

"A Vanishing Town is Booming Again". Source and date unknown

Unsigned, undated hand written account of early Ottertail. Claims Thomas Cathcart refused to cede property to  NPRR.

Unsigned, undated handwritten account of St. Paul House and Club house at Pleasure Park.


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