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District 14 School.jpg
District 131 1880.jpg
School 131 20191031_134754 (002).jpg

Photosby Behm

District 131 school in 2019

District 267.jpg
District 127.jpg
20191031_135425 (002)-A-cr.jpg

Photosby Behm

Educational helper 2 img072.jpg
School -.jpg


District `````````131.jpg
School 1916 SKM_C224e19090515310-bw.jpg

For larger image view .pdf

Kaiser School  2019-08-13 134406.jpg

This has been identified as Kaiser School

Can anyone provide information about this?

Unidentified school   Any help?

Document listing teacher salaries 1911 to 1933

More help needed in identification of schools

and sites. Click here


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