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The Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste Marie Railroad

The photos below and documents were furnished by Stuart J. Nelson, a member of the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society.  We offer much thanks for this assistance.

The pdf document contains more information concerning the Soo Line and Ottertail. Timetables, a brief history of the construction of the rail line and description of the structures constructed at Ottertail.

The  Winnipeg line started in Glenwood, Minnesota. In 1903 it ended at Ottertail for the winter.  A shed was built to keep the locomotive until spring when construction restarted.  The line was completed to Noyes-Emerson on Oct. 29, 1904

Bank and Hotel img004.jpg
Soo ikon with black bkgd.2Annotation 201

View of Ottertail with depot and locomotive at the end of the street.

Bank and hotel present.


Passengers img006.jpg

Locomotive No. 112 and passengers on platform in 1910.

Sepot from north img003.jpg

View of depot from the north. No date.

Passengers 1911img007.jpg

Passengers on platform, 1911

Note "steamer trunks".

Supplies img005.jpg


 Label: "Material Yard, Ottertail, Fall 1903, for bulding Soo Line North in 1904"

RR bridge img002.jpg

This photo labeled only: "No. 112 going into Ottertail, 1910 - 1911."

Crowd nol 112 img008.jpg

A crowd at the depot.  Note fire fighting equipment and a band.


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