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Views of early Ottertail

1900 img009-B-cr 11x17.-bwtif.jpg

View from Northeast, no date given.  Source unknown.

652a-72 ppi.jpg

Downtown Ottertail Above

Original scanned at 600 ppi.


Photo on left is from EOTC Museum and labelled as view of Ottertail.  Date and source unknown.  

Photo above from same  source. Background confirms site of photo

Lake Donald 1209.jpg

Photo from EOTC Museum collection. Only information is written on the photo. This may be at Balmoral


P:hoto labelled "Opening day of Kemph's garage, 1914." Are any of these buildings shown Kemph's garage?

From Betty's Pantry Collection


 lNote there indeed is a sign "Restaurant" over the buildiingon the right. On far left  what appears to be "Lumber Yard" also can be seen

From Betty's Pantry Collection


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